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Nestle Gift Tins

Nestle Gift Tins

Nestle Gift Tins


A Sweet Project

The Challenge

  • Open 13,000 bags and boxes of 8 kinds of candy.
  • Fill 10,200 gift tins (two sizes) with candies.
  • Ship tins to sales reps in half a dozen regions around the U.S.
  • Ensure that each rep gets the number of tins needed for their accounts.
  • Deliver the tins in time to be presented as holiday gifts from the sales reps.
It's another job requiring creativity and flexibility. Another job with a tight schedule and unyielding deadlines. Another job for IIS.


Nestle's Need

Nestle's Infant Nutrition Group wants to deliver sweet holiday gifts to their clients. Each Nestle sales rep in the United States needs a supply of beautiful gift tins -- decorated with 19th century advertising images, and filled with a variety of Nestle candy.

The gift tins will come from China. The candy will come from three different factories. But who will put it all together and deliver to the sales reps on time?

This was the scenario in 2006 when Nestle's, through one of their advertising vendors, asked IIS for help.